kayla...who said you could touch me (_choke_me_) wrote in david__sluts,
kayla...who said you could touch me

♥ Name: kayla
* Age: sixteen
♥ Location: toronto,ontario,canada
* Interests(general): music
♥ Music: alexisonfire, bright eyes, blood brothers, my chemical romance
* What is it that you like about David? hes french and small and sweet
♥ How did you find this community? interest search
* Have you been to a show or met David? seen sp 4 times and met david on monday actually
♥ (If you have seen it)What's your favorite scene on A Big Package For You? where david gets mad at jeff during the addicted video shoot and yells at him in french and where he gets mad in the car on the way to the perfect video shoot
* Something you'd like to share: i liked sp before they were signed baha
♥ Where did you promote? If you haven't yet, where will you?(post link{s}): ill find somewhere
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