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Get to know me!

My Application

♥ Name:Katee
* Age: 13
♥ Location:Indiana
* Interests(general):Music
♥ Music:Anything Punk,Rock,Emo
* What is it that you like about David?He is just so fun acting at times.
♥ How did you find this community? Friends Userinfo
* Have you been to a show or met David? Been to a show, Met Patrick and we asked where David was and he said he was in the bus playing darts.
♥ (If you have seen it)What's your favorite scene on A Big Package For You?: I love all the parts of ABPFY but I love the boots part.
* Something you'd like to share:
♥ Where did you promote? If you haven't yet, where will you?(post link{s}): Um I was going to on my LJ community but we already did so I will on my Userinfo.
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