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Mod// Your New Mod\David Story

hii, kids. It's official: xritalinxspx is your new mod & maintainer, so be exxxtra sweet. ♥
Since you're all dying to know why I don't care for Mr. Desrosiers so much anymore, I will tell you.
BE PREPARED. He's not as nice as everyone made him out to be/as I thought he would be.

So I won VIP to a show on my birthday. It was oh so awesome. My friend and I hung out with them backstage for the longest time(and later went to Hard Rock Cafe with them), and David was really nice when we first met him; telling me happy birthday and all. Then, these other tipsy/drunk girls show up and he's all about trying to get in their fucking pants and he totally ignores everyone else. We waited until he paused from all that shit for a second to ask for ONE fucking picture. BIG fucking deal, right? I guess so. He very well said "sure" and smiled, but acted totally pissy about it. Perhaps he had a few too many to drink. Anyway, the only ones that were really sweet were Jeff and Pierre. I love those guys too much.

I'm afraid there are some details which I cannot include, but I'm sure you understand. I just really didn't like his attitude and he acted like a total rockstar. The image he portrays in interviews, the dvd, onstage, ect. aren't what you guys should really believe. Now I'm sure you all hate me now, blah blah, whatever. Meet him for yourself. Hey, maybe you have, and maybe he was sweet--but he wasn't when I met him & this is my decision, my opinion= get over it.

( if you want the semi-full story of this night, add me to your list- i'll most likely add most of you dears♥; please comment my friends only post at the top in regards)
love you kids stiiill!
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